Pip’s Puppets History

Pip’s Puppets began about thirty years ago in Durham when my Mother performed puppet shows for me as a child. When I was about seven years old I told my teacher that my Mum performed puppet shows and would the school like one, to my Mum’s horror she received a note from my teacher thanking her for volunteering a show and would Friday be good for her? My Mum panicked at first but thought actually she could do one so went into the school with half a door as her theatre and performed a show which was enjoyed by all. That was the beginning of my Mother’s career as The Puppet Lady. During my Mothers career I helped with shows until I reached my teenage years and became too cool to help in the shows.

My Mother retired a few years ago and I am no longer too cool to perform puppet shows so I have taken over the reigns and under the new name of Pips Puppets I am hoping to entertain children as successfully as my Mother did.